Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blending surface in solidThinking.

Sometimes it is impossible to create a complex object just using one single tool.In this case, it is better to create and blend them together. One of the solidThinking features is the "Blend Surface" tool. This tool enables us to connect two separate surfaces by creating a relevant surface. The surface which is generated from this tool also reads and update it's surface according to the changes of the connected surfaces. It is also a powerful tool to close the gaps between surfaces especially at the corner of an object.

What is surface continuity?

When two surfaces meet at a common edge, it is sometimes desirable to have them appear to be one continuous surface across that edge by aligning one or both of the surfaces at their point of contact. This continuity comes in a variety of forms.

G1: Tangential continuity, where the edges areas of each surface lie on the same plane at the point of contact.

G2: Curvature continuity, where the areas near the edge of each surface “flow” from each other by matching the overall curve of one or both surfaces across the point of contact.